Concentration Grid is a web/mobile device implementation of the mental skills exercise that many winning coaches and sports performance/psychology professionals have used with student-athletes to develop/improve and practice focus and concentration (typically with pen/paper and stopwatch).

The objective of Concentration Grid is to select in sequence each of the numbers in the (randomly generated) grid. Performance is timed as the athlete completes the exercise.

The level of competitive challenge/fun can be varied by changing the size of the grid - by selecting the number of rows and columns. Concentration grids (sometimes called mental focus grids) can be generated in sizes ranging from 3 to 14 columns/rows. Smaller grids challenge dexterity and quickness; larger grids require sustained focus and attention to complete.

Concentration Grid provides convenient gameplay/replay and records time/performance data and history (the app also integrates sharing of results on social media).

Concentration grids can be generated and used for training/practice segments, general mental skills exercise/conditioning, individual athlete challenge/development, assessment/evaluation and benchmarking, individual or team/intra-squad competition, team building, etc. - in quiet, during workouts/practices, in distracting conditions (modeling game day), on road trips, etc. (The mental focus grid exercise is particularly popular with baseball and softball coaches.)

Concentration Grid provides a fun competitive challenge for students, athletes, coaches, trainers, teachers, parents - young and old.

Challenge your athletes ... challenge your students ... challenge your teams ... challenge yourself.

Concentration Grid community site: www.concentrationgrid.net

Concentration Grid main site: www.concentrationgrid.com

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