Concentration Grid is a game intended to test and improve your power of focus and concentration.

The objective of Concentration Grid is to select in sequence each of the numbers presented in the grid.

Grids can be generated in a variety of sizes, based on a selected number of rows and columns.

Numbers are randomly presented in each grid and appear in black text.

Each number when properly selected in sequence will turn to red.

When the grid has been completed the elapsed time for completion will be shown on the screen.

If a player is able to apply greater focus and concentration a grid should be able to be completed more rapidly.

Distractions and loss of focus/concentration will delay completion.

Menu Options:

GRID ­ Will generate a grid for game play. Options for sizing the grid by rows and columns are available.

HISTORY ­ Will present a record/list of prior games game play data.

SHARE ­ Will allow the user to share game play data.

SETTINGS ­ Options for the user to modify game play settings.

HELP ­ Will present help information for users.

END ­ Will end the game.


Left Arrow ­ During game play the player may end the game by selecting the left arrow; the player will be returned to the main menu.

Right Arrow ­ After game play is completed the right arrow returns the player to the main menu.

Generation of a Grid:

A concentration grid is composed of a selected number of rows and columns.

The size and number of units in a grid is the product of the number of rows and columns.

Larger grids with more units will be more challenging (and will require more concentration).

Smaller grids with fewer units will typically be able to be completed more rapidly.

Select the number of rows and columns and then tap the GRID button to generate the grid.

Game Play:

The concentration grid composed of the selected number of rows and columns is presented in black numbers on a white background ­­ to enhance your ability to focus and concentrate.

The total number of units (and numbers) in the grid is a product of the number of rows and columns.

In game play, the player must find and select in sequence each number in the grid ­­ from 1 to n (the total number of units).

When a number is properly selected in sequence it will turn red.

A number can be selected by tapping anywhere in the box containing the number.

The next number in sequence cannot be selected until the prior number has properly been selected.

When the game is complete all numbers in the grid will be red and the elapsed time for completing the grid will be shown to the user along with the Game ID.

Game ID:

Concentration Grid generates a Game ID for each completed game.

The Game ID is a code that includes information about the completed game, including the number of games that have been completed to date, the size/composition of the grid for the game, the time to complete the grid, the number that was selected most quickly and the time for the selection, the number that was selected most slowly and the time for selection, whether a hint (cheat) was used in the game (and for what number), and the date/time of the game.

The Game ID appears at the bottom of the screen after a grid has been completed.

The Game ID is also stored locally on the device.

Game ID information may be shared.

Other Useful Information:

Each player will have her or his own strategy for game play. Strategy is a matter of individual choice.

But the possibility exists that a player may lose focus/concentration ­­ especially with larger grids.

If the player loses track (loses focus/concentration) during game play, a hint can be obtained by tapping the CONCENTRATION GRID header above the grid.

The hint is that the number to be selected next will appear in green color.

One hint is available per game.

If the CONCENTRATION GRID header is tapped subsequently after the hint feature has been used then the last number selected will turn green (informing the user what number to find next).

The Game ID will indicate that the player has used a hint.


The concept of the concentration grid has been in existence for many years.

The purpose of this implementation ­­ titled CONCENTRATION GRID ­­ is to provide an experience that is simple and straightforward in order to enhance the ability of the player to focus and concentrate during game play.

Nothing fancy. Nothing distracting. Black. White. Red. No ticking clock. The player and the grid. Focus. Concentration.

Good luck. May the power of concentration be with you.

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